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'Canst thou draw out Leviathan with an hook?': Job 41 in Hobbes’ Masterpiece

(Un)natural Archives: Botanical Gardens, Photography, and Postcards

A Bit of Conversation: A Scientific Fiction

A Queer Theory Reading of Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Shift in Political Identity and its Impact on the Rule of Law

A Symphony of Defiance: How Music Spearheads Sikh and Punjabi Articulations of Political Resistance

A Witness Walking to these Shores: Embodied Memory and the Dispersed Spatiality of Networked Presence

All the Law's a Stage! Shakespearean Insights and their Resonance Today

Americanitis: Architecture, Mass Media, White Supremacy

Art in Exile at Home: The National Palace Museum, Taiwanese Identity, and
‘China’s’ Imperial Collection

Arts, Excellence, and Warranted Self-Respect

Augustine on Canonical Penance: An Ethic of Criminal Sentencing

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