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CJLPA 3—Open for Submissions

Date: 4 January 2024

Submissions for CJLPA 3 are now open. Over 70 thinkers and professionals in the fields of law, politics, and the arts have so far agreed enthusiastically to write or be interviewed for the Journal, and it is shaping up to be a truly important work, featuring contributors from a vast range of disciplines and an even broader spectrum of countries. We are now launching our open call for submissions—it would be our pleasure and privilege to involve you in our third issue.


Our third edition will be a culturally significant snapshot of thought on the current state of the world, with particular attention paid to the impact that technology is having on the fundamental rationale of our society. It will explore the thinking and assumptions behind our current social system and consider what is changing and whether that change is a good thing. Our Call for Submissions includes 'An Invitation to Change', a deeper exploration of our mission by our Advisory Editor, renowned art theorist Don Foresta. Let yourself be inspired by this invitation to thinking of both the broadest, most ambitious scale and the sharpest, most rigorous focus.

For more information on what, how, and when to submit, see our full Submission Guidelines. We very much look forward to receiving and reading your work.

4 January 2024: We are happy to announce that we are extending our submissions deadline to 1 March 2024, and will be reading your submissions over the coming months.

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