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CJLPA, The Human Agenda: Exposing Human Rights Violations and Inspiring Change

We are all responsible for what happens in our world. 

We are living in a global crisis where fundamental human rights are violated and the most heinous international crimes are being committed. In this special edition of CJLPA, international criminal lawyers, judges, politicians, artists, and survivors of human rights abuse come together to expose gross human rights violations occurring around the world and consider solutions to inspire change.

Articles and interviews will be published online on a rolling basis and our hard copy prints will be available in bookstores in mid-2024.

Cambridge Yard
The Cambridge Journal of Law, Politics, and Art

A world-leading academic journal jointly run by students and experts. Our commitment to freedom of reasoned expression in the UK and around the world is steadfast. 

Cambridge University
Second edition CJLPA

out now

The second edition of our journal is now live and available for purchase.

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