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The French Veil Debate: State Insecurity and the Family

Mary Osborne

Waiting for Saddam

Keshav Srinivasan

The Ecclesiastical Mosaic SYNTERESE (Dedicated to the 520 Occupied Churches of Cyprus)

Demosthenes Demosthenous

The Politics of NHS Spending

Fatima Osman

Cultural Appropriation: A Gap in the Law?

Mirjam Dietrich

Rouen Address

Sir Nicholas Penny

How to Be an Art Critic?

Edward Lucie-Smith

Rethinking Pharaonic Government: Constitutional Lessons from Ancient Egypt

Dr Alexandre Loktionov

(Un)natural Archives: Botanical Gardens, Photography, and Postcards

Constance Koh

Does Pornography Silence Women?

Adam Rachman

In Conversation with Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling

Traversing the Art Legal System in Early Modern Venice: The Case of Antonio Floriano’s Mappamondo

Dr Sarah Alexis Rabinowe

In Conversation with Mark Cazalet

Mark Cazalet

Levelling the Playing Field: Border Carbon Adjustments and Emissions Leakage

Callum Winstock

In Conversation with Art Law & More

Becky Shaw

A Witness Walking to these Shores: Embodied Memory and the Dispersed Spatiality of Networked Presence

Michael Joyce

Art in Exile at Home: The National Palace Museum, Taiwanese Identity, and
‘China’s’ Imperial Collection

Jean-Michaël Maugüé

The Retrial of Dante: In Conversation with Count Sperello Alighieri and Antoine de Gabrielli

Count Sperello di Serego Alighieri

Thus Dunks Zarathustra

Hugo Drochon

The Space Race and its Discontents: Hannah Arendt on Space, 1951–63

Clare Francis

Ewell in the East (or Not): A Chinese Perspective on Racism in Music Studies

David Chu

Beyond Repatriation: The Need for Sensitive Museum Display of Indigenous Objects

Piper Whitehead

In Conversation with Michael Sandle

Michael Sandle

In Conversation with Sylvana Tomaselli

Sylvana Tomaselli

Who Am I?

Edward Lucie-Smith

In Conversation with Anthony Julius

Anthony Julius

Performative Activism and the Murder of George Floyd

Chater Paul Jordan

In Conversation with Camilla Perera-De Wit and Bert Demarsin

Camilla Perera-de Wit

In Conversation with Victoria Broackes

Victoria Broackes

Composition as Political Activism: In Conversation with Dr Laura Bowler

Dr Laura Bowler


Professor Peter Goodrich

In Conversation with Jean Tirole

Jean Tirole

Capturing the Truth

James Hill

A Bit of Conversation: A Scientific Fiction

Srinivasan Keshav

Mad Genius: Art, Illness, and Recovery

Amelia Bateman

Judges, Carpenters, and Computers: A Craft-Based Perspective on Judicial Decision-Making

Reuben Andrews

The Network Metaphor: New Communication Space

Don Foresta

In Conversatlon with the Makers of BBC Four's African Renaissance

Russell Barnes

In Conversation with Christopher Marinello

Christopher Marinello

The Sacred and the Profane

Matthew Sargent

Private Collectors and the Public Institution: In Conversation with Philip Hoffman

Philip Hoffman

A Queer Theory Reading of Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lily-Rose Morris-Zumin

Nagorno-Karabakh: War Fails to Resolve the Conflict

Dr Hratch Tchilingirian

The Twenty-First Century: A Bumpy Ride

Professor Lord Rees

The Symbiotic Intermingling of Culture, Economics, and Security: A Personal Retrospective

Professor Adrian Kendry

Justice Must Be Seen to Be Done

Carey Young

Music in Times of COVID: In Conversation with William Christie and Claire Roserot de Melin

William Christie

Augustine on Canonical Penance: An Ethic of Criminal Sentencing

Alexander Levy

Re-Examining the Critical Analysis of Indian Society and the Caste System in Swades: We, the People (2004)

Richa Kapoor

Something to Write Home about: Postcards of Donbas, Postcards as Donbas

Alice Mee

Bronzino’s Panciatichi and the Petrarchan Ideal

Ruairi Smith

Institutions for the Long Run: Taking Future Generations Seriously in Government

Fin Moorhouse

Enclosing or Democratising the AI Artwork World

Professor Robin Mansell

Judicial Conservatism: A Constraint on the HRA? An Analysis through the NI Abortion Case and Nicklinson

Jack Bailey

Of Monuments

Jeremy Strick

Case Note on Sotheby's v Mark Weiss

Edward Mordaunt

The Many Forms of Vaccine Hesitancy

Amar Sarkar

In Conversation with Sir Christopher Le Brun

Sir Christopher Le Brun

'Canst thou draw out Leviathan with an hook?': Job 41 in Hobbes’ Masterpiece

Peter McLaughlin

What Is It that Makes You Tremble?

Madeleine Nina King

Famous Lost Artworks

Serhan Handani

On Feeling

Gabriella Kardos

Splendid Isolation or Fish out of Water? Fishing, Brexit, and the Iconography of a Maritime Nation

Aadil Siddiqi

Ways of (Legal) Seeing: Law and the Interdisciplinary Imagination

Elizabeth Huang

Global Crises and the Community of Democracies

Thomas Garrett

Does the Concept of ‘Spiritual Resistance’ Add to our Understanding of Jewish Life in the Ghettos?

Nathaniel Rachman

In Conversation with Rebecca Salter

Rebecca Salter

The Cultural Logic of Statues

Jack Graveney

Elite Overproduction: An Inside Perspective

Jakob Gomolka

Installation Address, 26 August 2020

Her Honour Salma Lakhani

John Hume: The Achievement and Limitations of a Man in War

Peter Brooke

In Conversation with Dr Mostafa El Feki

Dr Mostafa El Feki

Freedom of Expression in Belarus after the 2020 Election

Volha Siakhovich

In Conversation with Manuel Rabaté and Dr Souraya Noujaim

Manuel Rabaté

We the People? The Conservative National Identity and its Role in American Political Polarisation

Christopher George

In the Wake of Colston: Wake Work after Woke Work

Jacob Badcock

The Visit of Czarevitch Nicholas Alexandrovitch to Lahore, January 1891

Fakir Aijazuddin

A Shift in Political Identity and its Impact on the Rule of Law

Emily Nicholson

New Technology, Ancient Battle

Askold Krushelnycky

The Sustaining Cosmos

Jonathan Jones

Disciplinary Action and Freedom of Artistic Expression

Professor Achilles Emilianides

In Conversation with Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis

In Conversation with Professor Elizabeth Anderson

Professor Elizabeth Anderson

First Crimea, then Donbas, now Borscht

Ievgen Klopotenko

John Morley and India: Anti-Imperialist Thought in Practice

Matthew Fisher

All the Law's a Stage! Shakespearean Insights and their Resonance Today

Lady Arden

In Conversation with Maggie Hoag

Maggie Hoag

Opening the Cave: The Necessity of Art in Society

Willow Winston

‘A heap of broken images’: The Possibility of Connection in T S Eliot’s The Waste Land

Asseel Darwish

The Link between British Perceptions of Party Ideological Positions and Electoral Outcomes, 2017–20

Colin Kaljee

In Conversation with Professor Andreas Rahmatian

Professor Andreas Rahmatian

‘Alterers’ Filtering out Artists: Using the ‘Public’ Perspective to Preserve Moral Rights over Digital Art

Thomas GC Hood

Americanitis: Architecture, Mass Media, White Supremacy

Nicolas Canal Tinius

Politicising the Apolitical: Abstract Expressionism and the Cold War

Mina Polo

Fatal Fabergé Eggs: Ruinous Symbols of the Russian Empire

Danielle Jump

In Conversation with Axel Rüger

Axel Rüger

Towards a Cosmic Humanism

Professor Boris Groys

In Conversation with Sharon Ament

Sharon Ament

Mapping the Modern Sacred in Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita (1959) and Paolo Sorrentino’s La grande bellezza (2013)

Marie-Louise James

Leonardo the Myth alongside Leonardo the Architect

Ruairi Smith

Arts, Excellence, and Warranted Self-Respect

Professor Matthew Kramer

The Role of Architecture in International Law

Alessandro Angelico

In Conversation with Vittoria Mastrandrea

Vittoria Mastrandrea

In Conversation with Professor Cynthia Enloe

Professor Cynthia Enloe

Law in a Time of Crisis

Lord Sumption

A Symphony of Defiance: How Music Spearheads Sikh and Punjabi Articulations of Political Resistance

Jeevan Singh Riyait

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